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Unique Key Chain

For the Universal Uniques (with the larger core) we have developed and elegant, yet practical key chain.

The key chain is a great opportunity for you and your retailers to win new consumers while introducing them to the craftsmanship which is such an important part of Trollbeads. Also, it opens up for new possibilities with new retailers like gift shops or lifestyle shops.

The key chain is the perfect gift-with-purchase, or it can be sold in the stores together with the Uniques Bracelet in the bamboo display.

All beads can be used on the string, but only Universal Uniques can be used as closure.

The normal beads can be used as a separator between keys – or maybe the key chain is not used for keys at all… but instead functions as a bead-holder for a late change in jewellery, to be ready for an evening appearance. As always, only imagination is the limit, and we are sure that the collectors will find exciting ways to use it.

Note: You will recieve a RANDOM bead for this one, we do not let you pick

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