Retired beads from Trollbeads
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 Armadillo - mint/lavender 


 Chocolate Stripe 

 Circus glassbead from Trollbeads 

 Clear Coral Stripe 

 Coral Bubbles 

 Coral Flower Decor 

 Dream Stripe 

 Drifting Seeds 

 Eye bead - Retired 

 Family of Puppies 

 Find Your Pet 

 First Dance 

 Flying Thoughts 

 Green Eye Bead 

 Guardian of Nature 


 Kiwi bird 

 Light Green Stripe 


 Mermaid and Seaman 


 Organic Stripe 

 Pastel bud 

 Pastel Flower Decor 


 Pearlring, Black - retiring 

 Red Shadow 

 Secret Heart 

 Secret Orb 


 Swaying Straws 


 The Magician 

 The Positive No 

 Transition - Man 

 Trollbeads Day 2014 

 Turq/Purple Chess 

 White Pearl Ring 

 Heart hug 


 Remember Ring 


 Love Within - No Engraving 

 Cancer Star 

 Marry Me 

 Dancing silverbead from Trollbeads 

 Family silverbead from Trollbeads 

 Silver Whorl 

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