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 Bow Earrings 

 Chinese Tiger - zodiac 

 Swarm of Butterflies 

 Chinese Rabbit - zodiac 


 Crystal Heart 

 Dalmatian Jasper 


 Chinese Snake - zodiac 

 Dancing Butterfly Earrings 

 Chinese Horse - zodiac 

 Leather Bracelet, Light Blue/Green, 41 cm 


 Scroll, big 

 Chinese Goat - zodiac 


 Leather Bracelet, Light Blue/Green, 45 cm 

 Arabian Hare 

 Chinese Monkey - zodiac 

 Neverending Ring 


 Wood Anemone 

 Chinese Rooster - zodiac 


 Chinese Dog - zodiac 

 Neverending Ring Gold 

 Spirit light 

 Spiritual Ornament 

 Chinese Pig - zodiac 

 Crown of Fantasy Ring 

 The golden cave 


 Origami Mill 

 Turn Around Lock 

 Brown/Yellow Chalcedony 

 Pink gold 

 Daylight earrings 

 Light blue gold 

 Heart Bow 

 Purple Flower Mosaic 


 Venus Flower Ring 

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and her flower is the symbol of gratitude. Please note: The faceted Black Onyx is a genuine, natural material and each stone is absolutely unique. They vary in color and have unique inclusions and feat...


 Best of Both Lock 


 Green Flower Mosaic 

 Heart Conch 

 Star Ring of Change 


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