Retired beads from Trollbeads
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 Armadillo - mint/lavender 

 Autumn Rays 


 Chocolate Stripe 

 Christmas Love 4 

 Christmas Ornament 

 Christmas Ornament 


 Clear Coral Stripe 

 Coral Bubbles 

 Dream Stripe 

 Drifting Seeds 

 Eye bead - Retired 

 Family of Puppies 

 Find Your Pet 

 First Dance 

 Flying Thoughts 

 Forest Treasures 

 Green Eye Bead 

 Green leather bracelet, 45 cm - Retiring 

 Guardian of Nature 


 Kiwi bird 

 Light blue pastel 

 Light Green Stripe 

 Love & Laughter 

Love, laughter and happy ever after. Please note: The price is for the bead only.


 Mermaid and Seaman 

 Organic Stripe 

 Pastel bud 


 Pearlring, Black - retiring 

 Red Shadow 

 Red/Purple Chess 

 Secret Heart 

 Secret Orb 


 Swaying Straws 


 The Kiss - retiring 

 The Magician 

 The Positive No 


 Transition - Man 

 Trollbeads Day 2014 

 Turq/Purple Chess 

 Heart hug 



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