Retired beads from Trollbeads
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 Calcit rock 

 Moss Agate 




 Armadillo - mint/lavender 

 Armadillo Green/purple 


 Autumn Rays 


 Brown Dot 

 Cappucino Flower 

 Chocolate Dot 

 Chocolate Stripe 

 Christmas Love 4 

 Christmas Ornament 

 Christmas Ornament 

 Christmas Ornament 



 Clear Coral Stripe 

 Coral Bubbles 

 Deep Bubbles 

 Dew drops 

 Dolphins Heart 

 Drifting Seeds 

 Eye bead - Retired 

 Family of Puppies 

 Fantasy Cat Paws 

 Fantasy Mouse Feet 

 Find Your Pet 

 Flying Fish 

 Forest Treasures 


 Green Eye Bead 

 Green Stripe Bubble 

 Guardian of Nature 


 Kiwi bird 

 Light blue pastel 

 Light Green Stripe 

 Love & Laughter 

Love, laughter and happy ever after. Please note: The price is for the bead only.

 Lucky Parrot 


 Mermaid and Seaman 

 Merman of Wisdom 

 Moon Ocean 

 Organic Stripe 

 Pastel bud 


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