Nature´s Power autumn collection 2021
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 Halloween Queen 

 Hues of Balance Bead 

 Flower Art Bead 

 Hues of Heather Bead 

 Painter's Palette Bead 

 Brushes of Shimmer Bead 

 Still Life Bead 

 Blue Bamboo Bead 

 Fern Flower Bead 

 Flow of Energy Bead 

 Ginseng Root Bead 

 Moth of Myth Bead 

 Resilience Flower Bead 

 Blue sodalite 

 Ruby Zoisite 

 Brushes & Pencils 


 Cradle of knowledge 

 Creators kit 


 Mandragora spacer 

 Nature Myth kit 

 Purple & green Halo 

 Purple & Green lock 

 Thistle lock 

 Tools of art 


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