Limited Edition beads from Trollbeads

These limited production items are special on their own--get them before they are gone!

Made by trollbeads 

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 Wings of passion 

 Wings of serenity 

 Wings of success 

 Wings of energy 

 Leopard mom 

 Leopard spots bead 

 Koi Karpe Pendant 

 Trollbeads Barrel 

 Daisy Jubilee 

 Warm Wishes 

 Season of Joy 

 Winter Clouds 

 Growing love bracelet 

 Frihedens vinger 

 Blue Sky Armadillo Bead 

 Glimt af fred kugle 

 Glimt af fremtid kugle 

 Glimt af hygge kugle 

 Glimt af håb kugle 

 Glimt af natur kugle 

 Glimt af passion kugle 

 Happy Flower 

 Ivory Flower Armadillo Bead 

 Light Pastel Armadillo Bead 

 My love lock 

 Peach Blossom 

 Serenity Shades Armadillo Bead 

 Silver Armadillo 

 Sunshine Flower Armadillo Bead 

 Valentines hearts 

 Wisdom Fantasy 

 Wishful Sky Tassel 

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