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As the year begins, a magic bean starts to sprout. ​It reminds you that magic is inside you, ready to blossom.​ Soothing sounds of pink and violet melodies bring you a symphony of colours and hope, and sometimes it is just one little note that can make your heart vibrate.​

…and who knows, maybe opening your heart to love will help you regain harmony and even allow you to enter the spotlight with confidence and pride.​

Release January 2023

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 Happy 2023 


 Love & Care 

 Round Green Onyx Facet 

 Round Green calcite FAcet 

 Round green Chalcedony Facet 

 Round Strawberry Quartz Facet 

 Round Feldspar Moonstone Facet 

 Round Rose Quartz Facet 

 World of Wonders 

 Siren Song 

 Magic Bean 

 Ice Castle 

 Enchanted rose garden 

 Fairytale flower 

 Pink Symphony 

 Emerald Symphony 

 Green Symphony 

 Violet Melody 

 Lilac melody 

 Pink melody 

 Fairy Tale kit 

 Symphonies Kit 

 Clasp of the Heart 

 Clasp of New beginnings 

 Daisy Clasp 

 Daisy Spacer 

 Fresh Beginning 

 Music Note 


 Theatre of Life 

 Our Melody 

 Daisy Chance 

 Jester´s Hat 

 Power Flower 

 Bird´s Nest 

 Enchanting Dragonfly 

 Cradle of Heart 

 Trinity of the Heart 

 Leaves of Harmony Studs 

 Leaves of Love studs 

 Leaves of protection Studs 

 Dremas of Love Necklace 

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