Trollbeads Chains and bracelets

Choose a fantasy chain or a Foxtail necklace and add a decorative lock. Add your favourite beads, and you're ready!

Made by Trollbeads 

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 Dreams of Energy 

 Dreams of Balance Necklace 

 Safety Chain 

 Safety Chain, gold 

 Sterling Silver Bracelet, without lock, 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 17 cm 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 18 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 19 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 20 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 21 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 22 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Bracelet 23 cm. 

 Sterling Silver Necklace, without lock, 68 cm. (70 cm) 
 Sterling Silver Necklace, without lock, 78 cm. (80 cm) 
 Gold 14ct Necklace 38 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Necklace 40 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Necklace 42 cm. 

 Gold 14ct Necklace 45 cm. 

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