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 Round blue goldstone 

 Round brown goldstone 

 Tranquil Tiger pendant 

 Playful companions spacer 

 Boundless Protection 

 Boundless Joy 

 Pumpkin of Courage 

 Purrfectly relaxed spacer 

 Acorn dreams 

 Little Lionheart 

 Precious Paws 


 Boundless love tassel 

 Boundless Compassion Tassel 

 Boundless Loyalty tassel 

 Boundless enthusiasm broom 

 Acorn dream clasp 

 Cattitude in Motion Clasp 

 Harmonious lily bead 

 Friendship for life bead 

 Blooming love bead 

 Loyal travel bead 

 Blooming blue iris bead 

 Winged Unity bead 

 Wind of memories bead 

 Garden of Affections 

 Cosmic Connection bead 

 Celestial sunset 

 Bubble drift bead 

 Gathering glimmer bead 

 Dreams of Unity Necklace 

 Leaves of Strenght Studs 

 Leaves of Positivity Studs 

 Round blue agate 

 Round lightblue agate 

 Atom of Unity bead 

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