Trollbeads Gold 18 kt. - Gold beads 18 kt.
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 Blanket of Love, Gold 

 Connection, Gold 

 Fantasy Hibiscus 

 Golden Leaves 

 Love Rings, Gold 

 Mini heart, gold 

 Gold Whorl 

 Stay Positive Gold 

 First Signs - Gold 

 Wishing Star - Gold 

 Hydrangea, Gold 

 Lucky knot, gold 

 Lotus, Gold 

 Endless, Gold 

 Tresures from the beach, gold 

 Two plus two, gold 

 Live, Love and Forgive - Gold 

 Neverending - Gold 

 Path of Life 18k Gold 

 Hearts Galore 14k Gold 

 Dancing Butterfly, Gold 

 Celestial, Gold 

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