Trollbeads Price gr. 3 - Glass beads
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 Hues of Balance Bead 

 Flower Art Bead 

 Hues of Heather Bead 

 Painter's Palette Bead 

 Brushes of Shimmer Bead 

 Still Life Bead 







 Blue Twinkle 

 Delicate Aubergine 

 Faceted Blue Goldstone 

 Faceted Goldstone 


 Fresh Corn 

 Giving Seeds 

 Green Twinkle 

 Hearty Pumpkin 

 Juicy Grapes 

 Lonely Island 

 Northern Lights Magic 

Over the polar circle, the Northern Lights play in the night sky. Pale silvery greens and violets dancing over the satin blue Milky Way. Magical and unforgettable, symbolizing the enchanting power of nature. People's Bead winner 2018

 Open Sky 

 Polar Dreams 

 Quiet Landscape 

 Red Twinkle 

 Spicy Chili 

 White Roses 

 Wild Jungle 

 Yellow Twinkle 

 Inner Glow 


 Sea Glow 


 Blossom Shade 

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