Trollbeads Price gr. 2 - glass beads
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 Aisle of Luck 

 Aisle of Passion 

 Coral Flower Decor 


 Dragonfly in garden 

 Dragonfly on Silk 

 Dream Blaze 

 Dream Blossom 

 Dream Stripe 

 Flowers of Grace 

 Flowers of hope 

 Flowers of Poise 

 Flurry of Change 

 Flying Thoughts 

 Gracious Reeds 

 Green Field 

 Green Leaf 



 Joyful Friend 


 Loyal Friend 


 Pastel Flower Decor 


 Purple Field 

 Quiver of Hope 

 Red Leaf 


 Song of Hope 

 Song of Love 

 Swaying Reeds 


 Voice of Happiness 

 Voice of Romance 


 Chakra Colours 


 Chakra #1 

 Chakra #2 

 Chakra #3 

 Wave of Dreams 

 Chakra #4 

 Chakra #5 

 Chakra #6 

 Chakra #7 

 Dichroic ice 

 Black gold 

 Aurora Stripe 

 Aurora Flower 

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