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 All Seeing Eye (Pyramid) 

 Bee Goddess 

The ancients believed that the Bee’s ability to make honey was a gift from
the divine. Honey, used for food, drink and medicine has long been
associated with Goddesses all over the world.
Bee Goddess

 Big Love 

 Buddha Head of Bone 

 Cyclops Skull 

 Dutch Clogs – Single 

 Earth Mother Goddess 

 Frog Prince 

 Hand of LOVE 

 Howling Wolf 

 Human Skull 

 Lady Mothra 

 Love the Music 

For those who know that music is one of the loves of their life… preorder Release date: 22 april

 Matryoshka at Christmas 

The first Matryoshka nested doll set was carved around the 1890’s in Russia. The dolls are often designed to follow particular themes. This little one is a beautiful winter Christmas doll…

 Moon Man 

 Peace and Dove 


 Spirit Fox 

 Star Man 


In honor of the amazing David Bowie who gave us brilliant music and songs. May he rest in peace… preorder Release date: 22 april

 Tribal Harmony - Arrow 

 When Pigs Fly 

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