Retried beads from OHM 

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 Cancer zodiac sign from OHM 

 Cups glassbead from OHM beads 

 Dirty Monkey (Limited Time) 

 Dirty Paperbag 

 Five Ideas 


 Hard Product 

 Jay C 

 Meeting Notes 


 Ohm - Santa 

 Ohm - Spaghetti Monster 

 Ohm Alien Twins 

 OHM Ambulance 

 OHM Aunt Gnome 

 OHM Ava The Aye Aye 

 OHM Barb The Bilby 

 OHM Birdie (Copper) 

 Ohm Black Bird Pie 

 OHM Chrysalis 

 Ohm Clarinet 

 OHM Corvus 2E 

 OHM Cranium (3E) 

 OHM Facehugger 

 Ohm Fire Truck 

 Ohm Firefighter Hat 

 Ohm I Love Quilting 

 Ohm I Love You Daughter 

 Ohm I Love You Mom 

 Ohm I Love You Sister 

 Ohm Ice Hockey 

 Ohm Illustrious 

 OHM Invisible Man 

 OHM Love Is The Answer 

 OHM Medusa 

 Ohm Plasma Juicer 

 Ohm Sewing Machine 

 Ohm Snare Drum 

 OHM Teddy Scares Earrings 

 OHM Teddy Scares Earrings (Blushed) 

 OHM Teddy Scares Earrings (Dirty) 

 Ohm Trailer Truck 

 OHM Wheelchair 

 Soft Product 


 Strength of Humanity 

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